Offcanvas Section

You can publish whatever you want in the Offcanvas Section. It can be any module or particle.

By default, the available module positions are offcanvas-a and offcanvas-b but you can add as many module positions as you want from the Layout Manager.

You can also add the hidden-phone module class suffix to your modules so they do not appear in the Offcanvas Section when the site is loaded on a mobile device.

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At jpbc, we solve the most challenging bending tasks. Sheet metal bending, also called edge bending, can be performed with different types of bending machines, the CNC bending machine being the most common and versatile type of these.

jpbc possesses the latest technology within 3D file management and the subsequent production. Our latest machinery has fully integrated 3D simulation, 3D development to 2D, light panel for mounting upper and lower dies. The machine features sharpness and tolerance settings providing us with a wide range of options for producing your items.

Our smiths and machine workers manufacture custom bending dies so that you get the exact shape required for the item. If you have a special tool for your product, we can customise it for our machine. In addition, we purchase bending dies for the specific task or when initiating a future collaboration in order to fulfil your wishes/requirements as a jpbc customer.

Edge bendung requires great experience and expertise to ensure the best possible result. With jpbc’s year-long experience in sheet bending, we deliver solutions of the highest precision and quality.

Are you in the market for an edge bendung partner, we would be happy to help you find the right solution to your specific task – and we would, of course, be very pleased to provide you with a competitive quote.