Offcanvas Section

You can publish whatever you want in the Offcanvas Section. It can be any module or particle.

By default, the available module positions are offcanvas-a and offcanvas-b but you can add as many module positions as you want from the Layout Manager.

You can also add the hidden-phone module class suffix to your modules so they do not appear in the Offcanvas Section when the site is loaded on a mobile device.

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jpbc’s experienced welding team can help you with the most advanced welding tasks. With 17 manual welding stations and two state-of-the-art welding robots, we produce the best results for the job.

With 17 technical and practical welding expertise, we have perfected a wide variety of welding methods and processes to ensure the best welding result for your project – you receive the optimal solution for the best price.

Our welders take personal pride in delivering the highest quality of workmanship and immaculate joins. We are certified according to EN 1090 standards, which has a high standard for the manufacturing process and the materials used.

jpbc works with different welding processes – MIG/MAG, CMT, TIG and plasma – both by hand and automated through our state-of-the-art welding robot.

Our welding robot is especially suited for larger welding tasks – or for mass production. Our newest welding robot contains a scanning system which can be programmed offline.

By definition, welding describes the various methods of joining metals and steel together. This requires experienced and skilled welders to ensure the best results.

jpbc strictly separates mild and stainless steel within production.


If you are in the market for a reliable partner, we will help you find the right solution for your specific task – and will always provide you with a competitive offer for your project.